Abandoned Olympic Venues

The Olympics is one of the very few events that bring the entire globe together. Despite the world’s political and cultural differences, we all put them aside and enjoy our country’s best testing their athletic abilities.
Every two years, between the summer and winter games, a different city gets to showcase itself as the Olympic host. A host city brings great pride to a city, but it also costs a ridiculous amount of money without the International Olympic Committee chipping in their fair share. These cities spend billions of billions of dollars on these venues, only for them to be used to their potential for a few weeks. Here are a few pictures of abandoned Olympic venues from around world.
1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo
1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta
The Atlanta Braves briefly used the stadium as their home field before it was demolished into a parking lot.
2004 Summer Olympics In Athens


one-pool-is-filthy2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
One of the venue’s parking lot is now used for driving tests.
This eerie photos preach caution to any city who wishes to host an Olympics. You can only make so much money off of selling Olympics tickets and apparel to cover your costs. The Olympics may bring a country’ and city’s citizens boat loads of pride’s, but as you can see in the photos above, they are also a money pit.