Madonna’s Most Memorable Relationships












Sex symbols have come and gone for generations in Hollywood. The older they get, the more interesting their relationships get, as it seems even the youngest of stars still are attracted to the old hounds. Madonna may be on the short list of sex symbols who are still in the news today, which doesn’t come as a surprise to anybody, since she’s been doing this for decades. Below is a list of some of Madonna’s most memorable relationships

Sean Penn: Meets and marries the actor in 1985. The two filed for divorce in 1987 and separated in 1988. They were officially divorced in 1989.

John F. Kennedy Jr.: The two were a thing from 1987-1988, right in the middle of the Sean Penn years.

Warren Beatty: Suspected Madonna of cheating while they were together from 1989-1990.

Antonio Bandares & Lenny Kravitz: Madonna dated both stars in 1990.

Vanilla Ice

Big Daddy Kane

Jose Conseco

Dennis Rodman: Rodman claims Madonna says she wanted to have children with him.

Carlos Leon: Madonna had her first daughter in 1996 with Leon, her trainer, who she started dating in 1994.

Guy Ritchie: The two start dating in 1999, give birth to a son in 2000, and were married from 2000-2008.

Alex Rodriguez: After Ritchie and Madonna split after eight years, she dated New York Yankees’ star Alex Rodriguez for a little bit.

When fans buy Madonna tickets, they are going for a host of reasons. They are going to watch one of the most transcending performers and celebrities of the past three decades put on a show, as well as interested at what she has to say at any given moment. Madonna’s love life has always been some of the biggest news in show business, which adds to the lore Madonna possesses.