4 of the Coolest Train Stations in the World

4. Kanazawa Station – Kanazawa, JapanKanazawa Station, Japan

the prodigious structure you see staring back at your trembling gaze is the Tsuzumi Gate, and although it’s completely nonfunctional and has nothing to do with trains (it represents a traditional Japanese drum), it’s still something you’d look at and say, “damn, that sh*t’s cool”.


3. Southern Cross Station – Melbourne, AustraliaSouthern Cross Station, Australia

Aside from the obviously trippy rooftop and opalescent lighting? Umm… well, that’s about it, but that is one CRAZY roof, right?!


2. Utrecht Centraal Station – Utrecht, NetherlandsImage result for Utrecht Centraal Station

By the end of the current renovation, passengers can choose from more than 30 shops and restaurants while waiting for their train. The renovation also expanded the station footprint to include new city squares and a promenade that facilitates non-chip access from one side of the station to another.


1. Estacion de Madrid Atocha – Madrid, SpainEstacion de Madrid Atocha, Madrid

Originally assembled in 1851, the first iteration of the Estacion burnt down , but was reestablished in 1892 and reinforced using wrought iron. They also decided to place a tropical garden in the middle of the terminal, which looks very cool.