3 Communication Tools Every Company Should be Using

In order to increase efficiency across the board, be productive wherever you are, simplify IT management, find user-friendly solutions, and stimulate employee motivation, it has become necessary for businesses to change with the changing times.

One of the areas where change has been necessary is in communication. Today’s business communication tools are enabling small, medium-sized, and large companies to achieve all of the above and even more. Below are 3 essential tools your company should be using.

1. Social Intranet Softwarefiles

Having a central portal where all employees can access all relevant information, communications, documents and contracts in one place is essential to any organization. Social intranet software such as Axero and Igloo make this simple and will also save you money by lowering IT maintenance costs.

2. Private & Group Messaging ToolsImage result for Slack

Collaborative programs with private, group messaging, and chat capabilities provide the perfect business communication tools to keep teams working together. These become extremely vital when employees are spread across geographical locations and different time zones. One great tool we recommend is slack.

1. Internal Blogs & VideosImage result for internal company blog

The common saying is “people eat with their eyes.” When your content looks good, people will want to read it. Great content will be the defining factor as to whether your internal teams will be engaged or not. If you have low engagement from employees, little or no feedback, and an increasing ratio of lurkers to active participants, the type of content you post is likely the problem. Add videos and eye catching graphics to you internal blog to eliminate this problem.