5 Of The Weirdest Horror Films of the 1980’s

In the film world, the 1980’s are often referred to as the decade that dripped blood. The ’80s was a glorious time for horror fans of all stripes. Whether you prefer the subtle chills of a ghost story or the blood-drenched splatter of movies like Hellraiser it was a decade packed with classics and, arguably, the last great age of practical effects, before CG came along and made things cheaper, easier and far less fun for directors.

5. The Serpent And The Rainbow (1988)Image result for The Serpent And The Rainbow

This voodoo tale has found a cult following over the intervening years. Not as explicit as The Hills Have Eyes and less playful than A Nightmare On Elm Street, it’s a loose adaptation of Wade Davis’s supposedly true account of being transformed into a real zombie.

4. Poltergeist (1982)Related image

This suburban tale from director Tobe Hooper follows the Freeling family, who move into a new home, only to discover it’s being haunted by the restless ghosts of an old cemetery.

3. Videodrome (1983)Image result for Videodrome

The master of body horror – that’s David Cronenberg to you and us – presents a nightmarish dissection of voyeurism and perception as TV prez Max (James Woods) investigates a new kind of show that could very well be the future. That it incorporates graphic scenes of ultra-violence is just par for the course in this business…

2. Cujo (1983)Image result for cujo

Based on the Stephen King novel, Kujo is the story of a friendly dog that turns into a vicious killer after getting bitten by a bat and turning rabid.

1. The Thing (1982)Image result for The Thing

Few films are scarier than The Thing. This is definitely one of my top horror movies. There is non-stop horror throughout this sci-fi/action/horror masterpiece. It’s one of the most underrated heroes of the horror genre.