A Look At The Alex Rodriguez/Mark Teixeira Era By The Numbers



The 2017 New York Yankees will not have either Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira on their roster for the first time since 2003. These two go way back to their Texas Rangers day and  are considered to be very close friends. Here’s an overall look at the A-Rod/Tex era by the numbers.


The Yankees paid Rodriguez and Teixeira over half a billion dollars, dating back 13 seasons when they traded for Rodriguez in 2004. Did the Yankees get the their bang for their buck? It’s hard to tell, but the Steinbrenners definitely expected more playoff success with the money they invested.


The Yankees won their only World Series with Tex and A-Rod in Tex’s first Yankees season in 2009. Tex had a fantastic season, leading the American League with 39 home runs and 122 RBIS, while Rodriguez had a monster playoff run, hitting .365 with six home runs and 18 RBIs in 15 games.

Rodriguez, Teixeira, and the 2009 Yankees celebrating the final out of the World Series.

Rodriguez, Teixeira, and the 2009 Yankees celebrating the final out of the World Series.


From 2009-2016 the New York Yankees went 730-566 (.563 winning percentage), with 103 wins coming in their 2009 World Series season. However, the team did not break 90 wins in the last four seasons.


The Yankees played in 39 playoff games in the A-Rod/Tex era, with a 20-19 record. After winning in 2009, they lost to the Texas Rangers in the 2010 ALCS, the Tigers in the 2011 ALDS and the 2012 ALCS, and the Houston Astros in the 2015 Wild Card game. The Yankees failed to make the playoffs in 2013, 2014, and 2016.


Rodriguez and Teixeira spent eight seasons together with the Yankees.


The powerful duo hit 557 combined home runs in their pinstripes career. Rodriguez hit 351 dingers, while Teixeira hit 206. Rodriguez hit his 500th, 600th, 661st home runs all at Yankee Stadium. Rodriguez and Teixeira were one of the reasons why the franchise was able to sell so many Yankees tickets during their years in pinstripes.


From 2009-2016, Teixeira and Rodriguez missed a combined 942 games due to either injury, a season-long suspension, or days off. In his first three seasons with the Yankees, Tex only missed a combined 14 games, but it was all downhill from there. Tex missed 147 games in 2013, 51 games in 2015, and 47 games this season.

Both Rodriguez and Teixeira did not end their Yankees' careers on a high note.

Both Rodriguez and Teixeira did not end their Yankees’ careers on a high note.

The Yankees now close the book on two of their most popular players over the past 13 seasons. The two sluggers caused a lot of cheers as well as frustration over the years. The two will always be tied to the 2009 World Series, the highest point in each’s Yankees career.