Chart: According To Twitter These Are The Best Songs From Drake & Future’s ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

Since being released Sunday night, Drake & Future’s new surprise album What A Time To Be Alive is the talk of the internet. According to Hits Daily Double, the mixtape that is officially released through iTunes & Apple Music, causing some to refer to it as an album is on track to sell upwards of 500k album. So yea, it’s kind of like a big deal.

What makes this , and other Surprise Albums so interesting is that with no official single, or song that has been pushed,it causes a sort of single by public opinion sort of dynamic. We decide to but some data behind the free for all of public opinion, and what better database than the new age social forum of Twitter.

Our methodology was fairly simple, we searched ” _____ best song” with the title of every track being inserted in the beginning, individually, and then totaled up the tweets since the album was first played at 6pm on Sunday (via Drakes OVO Sound Radio show). For titles that had specific punctuation (I’m The Plug), or plurals (Scholarships, Big Rings, Diamonds Dancing, Change Locations) additional searches were made and those numbers were cross referenced and combined; it made less of a difference than you’d think, surprisingly people know how to properly name what they think is “the best song”.

These are the results, in order of popularity

1. 30 for 30 Freestyle
2, Jumpman
3. Diamonds Dancing
4. Scholarship
5. Change Locations
6. I’m The Plug
7. Plastic Bag
8. Live From The Gutter
9. Big Rings
10. Jersey
11. Digital Dash

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Interesting that the Drake solo song (“30 for 30 Freestyle”) is by far the most popular, and the solo Future song (“Jersey”) is one of the least.

Of course this is not a perfect science, as there are many different ways to express what you think is the best song via twitter, it is still the most telling possible indication, and one with a fairly large sample size. However for comparison sake we decided to also look at the overall frequency of WATTBA songs being mentioned on twitter. We chose a sample size of 2 hours (9/22/2015 from 11 am – 1 pm), and simply searched the names of each song. With that, titles like “Scholarship” & “Jersey” were pretty much impossible to work with. Again, not absolutely a PERFECT science, but nonetheless very interesting and relevant. Some things were similar, some were very different, some seemingly obvious in hindsight. what immediately stands out is that “Jumpman” the song with the simplest, and arguably catchiest chorus absolutely dominated all others. When searching “30 for 30” there were some tweets that seemed to reference the ESPN Docuseries, those were filtered out to the best of our ability.

Click Here for a Hi-Res Image of the above graph

NA – Jersey
NA – Scholarship
9. Change Locations -180
8. Digital Dash – 267
7. I’m th plug – 267
6. Live from the gutter – 284
5. Plastic Bag – 357
4. Big Rings – 396
3. Diamonds Dancing – 471
2. 30 for 30 – 512
1, Jumpman – 1018

This chart below compares the two different data sets side by side.

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