Average Size For Professional Athletes

of the New England Patriots of the Cincinnati Bengals during the game at Gillette Stadium on October 5, 2014 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Mostly every little boy dreams to be a professional athlete, a rock star, or astronaut. Nothing in between. As little boys hit that awkward age of growing, they quickly learn they will not be a NBA player once their growth stunts once they are 5’4″. To be a professional athlete you must have many skills, some you are born with, others you work very hard for. There’s one clear attribute that you cannot control and that is your height. below is the average height and weight for professional athletes across the professional sports landscape.

NBA Player: 6’7″ 222 pounds

Olympic Gold Medalist in men’s 200-meter freestyle 200: 6’4″

NFL Player: 6’2″ 246 pounds

NHL Players: 6’1″ 200 pounds

MLB Player: 6’1″ 208 pounds

Professional Men’s Tennis Player: 6’1″ 175 pounds

PGA Player: 5’11” 170 pounds

MLS Soccer: 5’11” 170 pounds

PGA Player: 5’11” 170 pounds

MLS Soccer: 5’11” 170 pounds

UFC Fighter: 5’10’ 173 pounds

  • Flyweight: 5’2″ 125 pounds
  • Women’s Bantamweight: 5’5″ 135 pounds
  • Bantamweight: 5’5″ 135 pounds
  • Featherweight: 5’6″ 145 pounds
  • Lightweight: 5’8″ 155 pounds
  • Welterweight: 5’10” 170 pounds
  • Middleweight: 6’0″ 185 pounds
  • Light Heavyweight: 6’1″ 205 pounds
  • Heavyweight: 6’2″ 265 pounds

NASCAR Driver: 5’10” 168 pounds

Average Man: 5’9″ 181 pounds

So the next time you want to see the closest thing to a giant, buy some NBA tickets to check out the biggest athletes in all of professional sports. It is ironic that the UFC Fighters aren’t as tall as you would think, but they are the last people you want to mess with. You probably would have guessed that PGA players come closest to the average man, as size is almost a nonfactor when it comes to golf. So the next time you criticize a player for not making a player, think about how much bigger they are than you, and how you probably wouldn’t talk trash to them in person.