Best Boxers Of This Generation

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Boxing is one of the few sports that hasn’t changed from decade to decade. Are the paydays insane compared to previous decades? Of course, but which sport hasn’t that happened to. When it boils down, boxing is still one man trying to knock the other man out. Here are the best boxers from this generation.

Floyd Mayweather

Money May is not only the most polarizing fighter in all of boxing, but also one of the most polarizing active athletes in the world. His 49-0 record speaks for itself, with notable victories against Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather is known for his incredible speed and legendary defensive ability. Mayweather is one of the best of all-time, and he won’t hesitate to tell you he’s downright the best.

Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao rivaled Mayweather for the label as the best in the world for most of his career. Pacman has held six major world titles and will fight his 67th career fight this November, coming in with a record of 58-6-2 with 38 knockouts. Pacquiao is known for his strong knockout punch and overall great global likability.

Miguel Cotto

Cotto has held world titles in four different classes and has been one of the most consistent fighters of his generation. Cotto has brought great pride to the Puerto Rican community, has he is the first Puerto Rican to win four different belts. Cotto sits at a 40-5 career record with 33 knockouts.