The Best Characters In Friends

1. Joey

Joey is a one of a kind character who is extremely hard not to love and appreciate. He has an outrageous yet infectious personality, and his never ending pursuit to become an actor and lack of money make for endless laughs.

2. Chandler

Out of all the characters in the show, Chandler is the only one that seems to evolve normally. Die hard fans of Friends will see themselves growing with Chandler as he goes from an immature bachelor to a real mature grown up with plenty of ups and downs along the way.

3. Phoebe

Pheobe is without a doubt the funniest character on Friends. She always happens to be an amazing friend as in countless episodes she is seen being supportive and extremely selfless. She also married Paul Rudd in addition to numerous comical romantic flings.

4. Gunther

Everybody loves Gunther. At least enough to invite his to numerous parties, but not enough to even know his last name. The Central Perk manager has one of the more comical roles on the show, and any Friends characters list wouldn’t be complete without him.

5. Ross

He may have anger problems, failed marriages, and wears way too much gel, but you cant help but have a soft spot for Ross. The show would just never be the same without his life crisis’ and loving personality.