Breaking Down The New MacBook Pro Features


Apple has revealed the long-waited new MacBook Pro. Apple products have made our lives super convenient and have changed the world forever. Apple executives have claimed that that his new MacBook Pro is both the “thinnest and lightest” and “most powerful” MacBook Pro yet. The laptop has been redesigned from the ground up with a new look, new hardware, and compelling new features, which are listed below.

The big takeaway for this model is the Touch Bar. This multi-touch OLED display panel sits on top of the keyboard  where the function keys are now. This bar offers users contextual controls and visual settings that change based on the app you are using. All existing Apple applications have been updated to be compatible for Touch Bar use.

There will be two models available in13 and 15 inch screen. This model is thinner, smaller, and lighter than past models. It also has new thermal architecture.

Louder speakers will also be featured with better sound quality.

The display screen has significantly improved, coming in brighter, offering better contrast, and a wide color gamut support for more vivid colors. The display screen will be perfect for watching movies about war, television shows about the wilderness, or to catch the true essence of a cold Packers playoff game at Lambeau.

The trackpad will be bigger and the keyboard has been redesigned to be thinner.

From a software perspective, the new MacBook Pro has a faster and more efficient Skylake processors, must faster solid state drives with up to 2 TB of storage, faster RAM, and AMD Radeon Pro graphics.

In typical Apple fashion, all older ports that were featured on previous models have been removed. This model will just include four USC-C ports that all support Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1.

A fully charged battery should last up to 10 hours.


Low-end 13-inch: $1,499. This model does not include the new Touch Bar, has a slower processor and graphics and only two ports.

13-inch: $1,799

15-inch: $2.399