California Hosts The First National Drone Racing Championship

Gonna See Me Some Drones At Pinkpop

The California sports scene is one of the most unique scenes in the entire country. The obvious big team in California is the Los Angeles Lakers with their 16 championships and long lineage of superstar players. After the Lakers, the Kings, Dodgers, Angels, and Clippers are right behind them as the professional teams that represent the city. But as we know, these sporting events are hard to get to. The price of Lakers tickets are always high and it is hard for an entire family to go. Some Californians have taken up other sports as alternatives, including surfing and some new age sports.

One of these new age sports made its national debut in Sacramento, as the first national drone racing championship took place at the California State Fair in Sacramento. More than 100 racers competed in the first day of the two-day events. They took small, custom-built drones with cameras attached to them and broadcast video feeds back to specially-designed goggles that allow the pilots to see as the drones see.

These drones are very fast and can reach speeds up to 70 MPH. The first day of was a series of time trails for seeding, as racers had two chances to complete five laps on the course on Bonney Field at the fairgrounds. The winner of the event will receive a cut of the $25,000 purse and a gold buckle.