Chicago Cubs To Visit White House In Obama’s Last Week


The Chicago Cubs made history when they beat the Cleveland Indians in an epic game 7 in the 2016 World Series, their first championship since 1908. They will put their names in the history books once again, as they will be the last championship team to visit President Barack Obama at the White House.

The Cubs along with with co-owner Laura Ricketts and President Theo Epstein will be greeted by the President at the White House on Monday January 16th. The tradition of championship teams visiting the White House started in the 1920s, but became more standard during Ronald Reagan’s time in office.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers visited the White House in November, after Donald Trump won the election, Richard Jefferson hinted that they would be the last team to visit the White House, assuming that players would decline a visit to a Trump White House. Players have declined to visit the White House before, but never has a whole team. Players who have declined a visit include Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins over political reasons in 2011 under President Obama, Tom Brady in 2015, James Harrison in 2006 and 2009,  Manny Ramirez in 2005, Michael Jordan in 1991, and Larry Bird in 1984.

Obama has Chicago roots but is known as being a fan of the other team in Chicago. If Obama was to buy tickets for a ball game in his post-presidential life, it would surely be White Sox tickets. The Cubs will highlight the beginning of the end for President Obama, as their visit to the White House comes four days before the inauguration of Donald Trump. In an ironic twist, Cubs owner Todd Ricketts was named Deputy Secretary of the Commerce Department by Donald Trump in his new administration.