Childhood Obesity Facts


The fight against childhood obesity has been on the forefront for American parents for quite some time now. Michelle Obama has become a national spokeswoman for fitness in America, with an obvious focus on children. With more kids interested in Xbox over the Knicks, it is a battle that has many, many factors involved. Sparking an interest in fitness and physial activity isn’t as easy as simply going to the park or buying NBA tickets. Here is a list of alarming facts about childhood obesity in America.

About 17% of Americans from the ages of 2-19 are obese, which comes out to 12.7 million people

Childhood obesity could reduce life expectancy by five or more years

25% of children don’t participate in a free-time physical activity

Only 2% of American children eat a healthy diet

70% of obese children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease

The more times kids spend watching television, the more likely they are to gain weight

Almost half of children’s Type 2 diabetes diagnoses are related to obesity

Kids who are overweight may miss more school

Overweight children are 52% more likely to develop asthma

The healthcare costs related to childhood obesity reach $14 billion every year

Snacking leads to an additional 200 calories per day for kids