Chris Brown and Soulja Boy To Fight One Another In The Ring











Hip-hop has a long history of beefs and disputes. From Tupac and Biggie Smalls, to Eminem and Ja Rule, hip-hop’s beefs have always what made the industry fun. Over the last few years, the industry hasn’t had the most prolific disputes, as the days of deadly beef are long gone. The closest we got was when there were rumors that Eminem was ready to go at Drake, who was going back and forth with Shady Aftermath and friend of Eminem, Joe Budden.

The art of rap beef may have reached its lowest points, as a beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is now the #1 story in hip-hop. This beef, just like every other beef nowadays, started on social media when Soulja Boy liked an Instagram picture on Karrueche Tran’s account, who is an ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown. So like teenagers, the two started going back and forth, as you can genuinely tell the two do not like each other, as they send empty threats and jokes about each other.

The two now hope to cash in, as they are setting up a boxing match to settle this all. The two are hoping to cash in on a huge PPV fight, which could take place overseas in Dubai. The fight could not happen in Las Vegas due to rules and regulations, since they have those, for you know, real fighters. Chris Brown tickets are still a hot item in the hip-hop world, so I don’t think Chris Brown is doing this for money. Soulja Boy couldn’t be more irrelevant, so he obviously is trying to milk this for all it is worth. The two have talked about donating some of the money to charity, but it is reported that their money will be on the line as well. I don’t think anybody cares about these two fighting and will not be willing to pay a PPV fight between these two.