College Football Bowl Game Prices

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – college football bowl season almost upon us. This year there are a record 41 games on the slate that kicks off on Saturday and runs through the National Championship on January 9th. As teams prepare for their last game of the season, we wanted to take a look at which of these games are the most anticipated. Looking at the secondary ticket market, we were able to see which of the match ups have the most sought-after tickets by tracking the average prices.

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What isn’t surprising is that the National Championship Game is far and away the most expensive ticket on the market with the average purchased ticket going for over $900. Last year at this time (before the final match up was set) tickets were going for slightly higher, around $1000 on average, before dropping in the final days before the game between Clemson-Alabama. When the game finally kicked off, the average price for all tickets sold on the secondary market settled around $650. We could see this happen again if there is a rematch between those schools as fan fatigue sets in, especially for Alabama fans who have seen their team play for (and win) three out of the last six national championships.

The big surprise comes when looking at the second most expensive ticket of the bunch, which isn’t either semifinal game, but the Rose Bowl instead. Much of that can be attributed to the Penn State and USC fan bases excitement to be back in a major bowl game after a five year absence for both. Tickets for the Rose Bowl, have sold for an average of $466 which is 54% higher than the Peach Bowl and more than 150% higher than the Fiesta Bowl. Even the Orange Bowl, featuring Michigan and FSU (with no championship implications) is selling at a higher price than the semifinal between Clemson and Ohio State.

Another game that stands out is the Cotton Bowl, where tickets are selling way under face value. Some feared that a team like Western Michigan sneaking into a major bowl game would hurt attendance and interest for the game and those fears seem to be realized as tickets are available on the secondary market for just $10. Below is each game, listed from highest average price of tickets that have sold to cheapest.