College Football National Championship Ticket Prices Higher Than Last Year

When the Alabama-Clemson rematch was made official on New Years Eve, many people predicted (myself included) that there would be a dip in prices for the game since we’re seeing a repeat of last year’s matchup, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the past, we’ve seen “fan fatigue” when it comes to teams that see sustained success. Because we saw that same championship matchup last year, many thought ticket prices would drop as it is less likely for the same fans to travel to the games two years in a row.

It turns out that this year the ticket prices never dropped as predicted. Currently the average price of tickets sold for tonight’s game is $1,255, up over 42% from last years game which averaged $722 a ticket. Often we’ll see the cost of tickets go down as the game gets closer, but the average ticket sold over the weekend was sold for more than $2,000.