College Stadium Review: Key Arena

The Seattle Redhawks have a rich basketball tradition. But, unless you are old enough to remember the early days of the NCAA Tournament, you would not remember them. The Redhawks have been to the NCAA Tournament 11 times. However, the most recent of their NCAA trips was in 1969. In 1958, Seattle made it all the way to the National Championship Game where they lost to Kentucky 84-72 at Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Key Arena

ut even an old NBA arena is pretty sweet for a college program.


Some of the greats to play for Seattle include Elgin Baylor, one of the greatest NBA players in league history, Jawonn Oldham, Eddie Miles. Johnny O’Brien, Eddie O’Brien, Tom Workman, and Charlie Williams among others.
The Seattle SuperSonics filled the void that was left when the Redhawks fell from NCAA prominence. That lasted until the team left for a new city and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. But, one of the silver linings to that cloudy day was that the Redhawks inherited Key Arena.
Seattle now plays their home games in an NBA arena, even though it is an outdated NBA arena, otherwise the Sonics would still be there. But even an old NBA arena is pretty sweet for a college program. The seats are comfortable and the atmosphere is top notch.
Key Arena has seen a lot of great basketball in its day. The Sonics won an NBA Championship and played in three NBA Finals. The WNBA’s Seattle Storm still plays there and has won two championships there. At some point, the Redhawks could find themselves back at the top levels of college basketball and this place will be rocking once again. You will want to be a part of the ascension. Do not miss out on Redhawks basketball.
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