The Most Common 2017 New Year’s Resolutions


As we ring in another New Year, the old age tradition of starting a New Year’s resolution has once again come around. For most people, these resolutions usually base around health and finances. For anyone who goes to the gym year-round, it’s not hard to notice the gym being more crowded with new faces in January. Some people try and dive into new interests such as music. Sick of listening to Drake? How about trying this new rock band or blues singer? If you are trying to save money, how about you don’t blow your whole paycheck on Beyonce tickets¬†when she comes to town.

There are so many different resolutions that can improve your life if you stick with them. According to iQuanti, a data-driven digital marketing company, here is a list of the most popular resolutions based on Google search terms occurring from January 2016 through October.

Get Healthy

62,776,640 searches, a 13.77% increase over last year

Get Organized

33,230,420 searches, a 7.41% decrease

Live Life To The Fullest

18,970,210 searches, a 13.04% increase

Learn New Hobbies

17,438,670 searches, a 4.72% increase

Spend Less/Save More

15,905,290 searches, a 17.47% increase


5,964,130 searches, a .82% decrease

Read More

4,746,130 searches, a 5.63% decrease

All of these resolutions are vague and pretty much cover all of the bases. They may not be descriptive, but they got the job done. It is never a bad idea to use the new year for a reason to wipe the slate clean to improve your life.