Common Sunscreen Mistakes


With summer just around the corner, the days of laying out on the beach and taking in the sun are almost upon us. Everyone loves the sport an attractive tan and to do so, it is a tango dance with the sun. Unprotected sun coverage could be very dangerous for your skin and health.

When you are planning a day to spend in the sun, be sure to first keep hydrated and do not go hungry, and then of course applying sunscreen to your body. Here are common mistakes made when it comes to applying sunscreen,

Thinking Your Olive Or Darker Screen Makes You Exempt

You still need sunscreen. If you have the most perfect tan in the world, there’s still no logic behind not protecting your screen. Tan skin isn’t a shield against the sun.

Not Using Enough Sunscreen

Like most things in life, it is always better to have too much than too little. If you are going to put sunscreen on (you obviously really should) do it the right way and don’t be too conservative with it.

Not Reapplying

If you plan on spending hours upon hours in the sun, you have to keep on applying. It is common sense. If you apply at 9:00 AM and don’t apply all day, you are setting yourself up for sunburn when the sun is at its highest and strongest.

Applying Weak Sunscreen

Sun Protector Factor, widely known by the abbreviation SPF, is the only number you need to know when it comes to sun protection. The higher the number, the stronger you are protected. If you know you get burnt very easily, do not get SPF 8 like a sorority girl on spring break.