Dave Chappelle To Release Three Netflix Specials










There was no comedian in the 2000s that was bigger than Dave Chappelle. Chappelle’s Show was one of the most loved shows of the decade, as Chappelle took sketch comedy to an entire new level. Some of the best standup comedians of this decade, such as Katt Williams and Kevin Hart, have cited Dave Chappelle as the greatest standup comedian of all-time.

Chappelle famously went off the grid for nearly a decade, but has now has seen a career resurgence. In 2014, he made his first major New York City appearance in eleven years when he performed at Radio City Music Hall for ten nights. Most recently, Chappelle helped give Saturday Night Live its biggest audience of its highly watched political season when he hosted the show on November 12th (it was also the show’s first post-election episode).

Chappelle hasn’t done a TV special in 12 years, but that didn’t stop Netflix from inking the entertainer to a $60 million deal for three comedy specials. It is unknown that if you buy Dave Chappelle tickets, you are going to experience Chappelle work out the kinks in these $20 million acts, but it may be worth the chance. All comedy fans hope this deal means much more than the three specials, as it could possibly open the door for a Chappelle-Netflix relationship, in which we can all wish this means a return to a Chappelle’s Show type show. Be sure to look out for Chappelle to try and own the comedy scene in 2017.