Disney’s Plans To Expand Parks


It is well known that the best vacation for family fun is Disney World. The famous theme park in Orlando, Florida is broken down into four parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. In the near future. there will be three more grand and very exciting parks coming to both the Orlando and Anaheim parks.

Star Wars Land will open in both Orlando and Anaheim, while Avatar Land and Toy Story Land will just be in Orlando. The most anticipated park is definitely Star Wars, as it one of the most popular movie series ever. Disney has said that each park will feature “two signature attractions” with one being the guest pilot in the Millennium Falcon and the other battling the first order and the resistance. The park will also likely feature the Mos Eisley cantina as a full-blown restaurant. CEO Bob Iger has said the park will be “jaw-dropping” and the park will be 14 acres long. It has been said that “the land will take on a whole new dimension after dark and feature adventures and surprises around each other.”

The park that will be done first will be Avatar Land, which will be added on to the Animal Kingdom. This park will be 12 acres long in a replica of Pandora – The World of Avatar. The park will feature a family friendly river adventure down the Na’vi River. You will also be able to fly a Banshee over the park in a “Avatar Flight of the Passage.” As for restaurants, the Satu’li Canteen will be the main restaurant as well as Pongu Pongu.

The third park will be featured at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Toy Story Land. There hasn’t been much said about this park. There will be two signature attractions: a Slinky Dog family roller coaster and an Alien Swirling Saucers will be similar to the famous Magic Kingdom teacups. This park will replace the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” section of the park, with similar design in which you will feel like you have shrunken down to the size of Andy’s toys.

With the Star Wars series dating back 40 years, adults who watched the Toy Story films as children starting families of their down, and the massive success of Avatar, it’s to no one’s surprise that Disney has found an entire new demographic to attract to their parks, as modern technology has seemed to finally catch up to their amazing imagination.