Five Fitness Instagrams To Follow

Instagram is now part out of every day lives. We consume most of our information from the application, from sports scores and news, cooking recipes, friends’ dogs, chronicling our nights out, and keeping in touch with family members. Another facet of Instagram is the recent insurgence of fitness models showing off their bodies, their diets, their workouts, and their lifestyle. Here are five fitness Instagrams who are worth the follow.

Jen Selter
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Instagram’s most famous butt outside Kim Kardashian is one of the leaders when it comes to fitness models on the Gram. The 23-year old delights her 4 million followers on Instagram daily, showing off her assets in bathing suits and workout gear. Selter has mentioned some of her favorite musical artists to listen to during her workout are Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and 2 Chianz.

Michelle Lewin


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Lewin is a fitness model that posts the same amount of  videos of her working out at the gym as she does flaunting her amazing physique.

The Rock
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The Rock is many things: a movie star, a role model, a wrestler, a TV star, and one of the most popular celebrities in the world. But at his core, The Rock is a physical freak who’s loyalty lays in his Iron Paradise. The Rock is a must follow for many reasons, but his fitness posts will inspire you to put up that extra set. The Rock isn’t afraid to pig out either, as his legendary cheat day included a dozen pancakes, four personal pizzas, and 21 brownies. If you buy WWE tickets when they are in town, there is always a small chance The People’s Champion can surprise the crowd, so you can experience one of the most popular people on the planet rock the microphone.

Lyzabeth Lopez
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Lopez is one of the prettiest fitness models on Instagram but also will show you a thing or two when it comes to the gym.

Anllela Sagra
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This Columbian model has one of the fittest bodes on Instagram, as her 7 million followers can vouch for. Sagra is must follow for the fitness community.