Five Ways To Stay in Shape While Traveling









For those who are constantly living out of a suitcase or if you don’t take any days off from your healthy regiment when you are on vacation, staying in shape while traveling isn’t an easy task. Whether it is your busy schedule that limits you from your routine or the indulges a vacation provides, the temptation of slacking off when it comes to fitness. Not everyone can play linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, so most of us can’t afford to take a week off. Here are five suggestions on how to stay in shape when you are traveling.

Bike Around The City

Renting a bike when you travel to a new city serves as a dual beneficiary. First off, it is a great way to explore the city and take in its culture. Biking is of course also a productive exercise and something you can do for a long period of time. It is also pretty cheap as well!

Pack Equipment

If you are on the road for work, not every hotel you check into will come with a gym. If you get lucky, you will be provided with an old treadmill and a few free weights. A smart idea would be to pack resistance bands in your bag. They weight practically nothing, easy to fit, and provide a quick and easy workout.

Walk To Dinner

Very similar to biking around the city, walking to dinner is another way to explore the city as well as a nice and relaxing way to get to dinner. It also spells you the expense of a taxi.

Pack Healthy Snacks

If  you are in a rush and don’t eat the healthiest of meals during your trip, you should pack a protein bar or a piece of fruit to sustain your hunger throughout the day.

Plan Athletic Activities.

If you are visiting Dallas and have Cowboys tickets, it may be fun to get a quick football game in to get you ready for the game. If you are on a beach, take a quick jog in the morning on the beautiful white sand. Your mind will be at ease once you know you put your work in for the day.