How Do You Describe A Scent To Someone Who Has Never Smelled It?


When it comes to the English language, there are countless amount of adjectives to choose from when trying to describe something. Now when it comes attempting to describe something to someone who has never experienced it before, you have to get more detailed in specific. This is a dilemma that Aromatherapists face.

These scientists have found that it is difficult to describe a scent that is unfamiliar to someone. They have created “families” or “categories” of similar aromas to come up with words that describe the families.

When it comes to oils, some oils fall into more than one scent or family. For example, “camphoreaceous” means that the scent is sharp, slightly medicinal smell you notice when you inhale the smells of essential oils.

Here are a few more words to help you describe a scent.

Balsamic: A balsamic scent is deep and sweet, like vanilla, with tones that remind you of balsamic vinegar.

Citrus: Pretty self-explanatory. Citrus scents smell like fruit, mainly orange, lemon, or lime.

Herbaceous: These smells are pungent and herbal with high fresh aspects, think marjoram or rosemary.

Earthy: These smells small like the earth after it just rained outside.

Woody: Matches, firewood, or other wood smells.