IBM’s Watson Poses A Real Threat To Accountants As Seen in Super Bowl Ad











The robots are coming! The robots are coming!

We are fully immersed in the age of automation, as manufacturing jobs have been getting used to this trend for decades now, starting with the automobile industry in the 1980s. So when you think of automation, these blue collar jobs are the first you think of, which is hard to combat no matter how hard politicians fight. Automation, not outsourcing, is the biggest threat to the American worker.

The accounting business and the white-collar workers of America are now realizing they too are at threat to automation. H&R Block and IBM’s Watson have formed an alliance, as seen during their commercial during Super Bowl LI. In the commercial, narrated by Jon Hamm, it promises they are “creating a future where every last deduction and credit is found. A future with more money going back into the pockets of more families. This is the future H&R Block is building.”

In a New Atlas report, Senior Vice President of IBM Watson Danny Kenny said, “IBM has shown how complex, data-rich industries such as healthcare, retail and education are being transformed through the use of Watson. Now with H&R Block, we’re applying the power of cognitive computing in an entirely new way that everyone can relate to and benefit from – the tax prep process.”

The human element is still very important in the entire accounting field, but may be less necessary in the tax return field, as they need to do is now facilitate and input the numbers.