Jim Rome To UFC Rumors Swirling


Mike Goldberg has been the play-by-play announcer for UFC since 1997. He has had stints in the NFL, NHL, and NBA, but did not come close to the success he had calling UFC fights. Dana White confirmed before UFC 207 that it will be Goldberg’s last broadcast.

Goldberg was always very ecstatic about UFC and almost played a cheerleader, something that fans were getting tired of. His consistent mistakes on such as fighter names and techniques was always a knock he received, and as UFC is becoming a bigger sport with its $4.2 billion price tag, the split with Goldberg is reasonable.

There have been rumors of Joe Anik taking over for the job, as well as John Gooden, who is the voice of the European broadcasts. One major pull would be Jim Rome. Rome is rumored to be a target, even without any play-by-play experience. Jeremy Botter of the Houston Chronicle tweeted “I’ve been able to confirm the rumors: Jim Rome to UFC as Goldberg replacement. It’s not done yet, but talks are ongoing.

Dana White not only wants to sell UFC tickets, but also wants to create the best broadcast team that is suitable for his growing sport. He wants to create a broadcasting “dream team” by July. Jim Rome is still a big name in the sports media world and would bring his stardom to the sport, but is he the best man for the job? Dana White has made nothing but good decisions so far, so UFC fans should trust him.