Kesha Hopes To Release New Music Early Next Year











A lot of the news surrounding the pop singer Kesha has had nothing to do with her music. After seeking treatment for an eating disorder, she filed a lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke in 2014. She accused her producer of drugging and raping her while also verbally and emotionally abusing her for a decade. Luke has furiously denied these allegations.

A New York judge denied Kesha’s preliminary injunction that would allow her to record music outside of Luke’s purview until the lawsuit comes to an end and then dismissed her abuse claims.

As for her music, Kesha has delivered 22 songs to Luke and her label, Sony. Kesha and her team gave Sony and Luke a list of producers and a budget for the album back in April but there wasn’t any progress with getting the album made. Kesha is signed under Luke’s Kemosabe Records and is still under contract for three more albums. Both parties have agreed they do not have to work in the same room together, but Luke will have his hands on the album since it is his company. A source says “Ultimately, he is calling all the shots. Given his vitriol and enmity towards Kesha. her camp is skeptical that of the process.”

Kesha is dealing with legal problems and if allegations are true, is a victim of a horrible crime. If she wants to make music for her fans, she should be able to. Hopefully we get to see Kesha tickets on sale again real soon so she can perform for her fans who have been waiting to see her on stage again.