Leading Active Users On Each Social Media Platform


Social media platforms are arguably the the number one source of the consumption of media in today’s world. Every single company has at least a Facebook and/or a Twitter account, with some companies having a better grasp on it than others. Who knows how deep this social media influence will go. Will it completely replace how we consume our news? When the NFL television negotiations are back on the table, will they bid on exclusive rights? Will there be a time when there’s no point in buying Giants tickets when you get a better experience watching off the Facebook feed. Below are the monthly active worldwide users for the top social media platforms.

Social Media Platform Active Monthly Users Worldwide
Facebook 1.871 billion
WhatsApp 1 billion
Facebook Messenger 1 billion
Instagram 600 million
Tumblr 550 million
Twitter 550 million
Snapchat 300 million
Skye 300 million
Pinterest 150 million
LinkedIn 106 million