Meet Denver: The Guiltiest Dog Ever

With a lot of hate and fighting on the internet, it’s always refreshing to find a genuine hilarious video on the internet. I know I may be late to the party, but this video of Denver the dog just became one of my favorite videos of all-time.

Denver’s owner comes home to a bag of Kitty Cat snacks ripped open and there can only be two culprits: Macy and Denver. Both are two beautiful golden retrievers who enjoyed the day to themselves while their owner was out of the house. One may have had a little more fun than the other.

The camera first pans to Macy, who seems have have nothing to hide and has no reaction to her owner’s inquiries of the crime. We then see Denver enter the frame, who has polar opposite reaction. Denver, who could be named after John Denver or the Denver Broncos, can’t look the camera in the eye and knows exactly why he is getting pressed right now. Dogs cannot lie and Denver’s face says it all. I’ve watched this video on loop since I found it as it brings me instant joy and laughter. Enjoy!