Most Popular Players in MLB History


Baseball has been a part of American culture for over a century. The cap of a city’s baseball team can often be seen as a symbol of the city. There are many professional athletes that have become household names, but I would say MLB players make up the majority. The history of baseball is infused in our education system, as children read about Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson in their history classes as a kid. Here is list of some of the most popular players in MLB history.

Babe Ruth

Jackie Robinson

Lou Gehrig

Willie Mays

Yogi Berra

Ted Williams

Ty Cobb

Hank Aaron

Pete Rose

Mickey Mantle

Joe DiMaggio

Rickey Henderson

Derek Jeter

Alex Rodriguez

Ken Griffey Jr.

Cal Ripken Jr.

Barry Bonds

Roger Clemens

Sandy Koufax

Tom Seaver

Mariano Rivera

Pedro Martinez

Cy Young

Sammy Sosa

Mark McGwire

Nolan Ryan

Manny Ramirez

Reggie Jackson

The next time you buy Yankees tickets, be sure to take a visit to Monument Park in centerfield to see many of these Yankees honored with a plaque and retired number. The players on this list range from different eras and different skill sets. Nolan Ryan is a power pitcher, Mariano Rivera is a speciality pitcher, Hank Aaron is a power hitter, and Rickey Henderson is a speedster and contact hitter. Derek Jeter was the face of baseball, while Barry Bonds is seen as its villain. All of these players are different in their own ways, but all fall under the umbrella of being the most popular players in the league’s history.