MTV Video Music Awards “Best Choreography” (Infographic)

The MTV Video Music Awards turned 30 last year. And while MTV continues to spiral further away from their music, and music video roots as a channel, the network and the VMAs specifically continue to play a major part in the current zeitgeist, and their appetite for music related pop culture moments. The line that separates the relevance of a Snapchat story, from a tweet, from a well written but TLDR article in GQ magazine is thinner than ever. What makes the VMAs continue to standout as a monument of relevancy is their history. Madonna kissing Britney & Christina, Prince showing his ass (literally), Beyonce figuratively announcing the arrival of Blue Ivy arrival with a belly rub, Kanye letting people finish, Miley Twerking, and COUNTLESS other moments of pure pop jubilance only exist because of the VMAs.

While nowadays the awards are┬ámostly of lights, camera, ratchet; the awards also serve a purpose as one of the few highly relevant and reluctantly reputable acknowledgments for artists, writers, producers, editors, directors and choreographers alike. When looking at the data that surrounds the VMAs (theres more than you realize) one aspect in particular really stood out. The relationship between the artists/performers who have been nominated for best choreography (“Best Choreography In a Video”) and the choreographers responsible for the elaborate dance moves they perform in those video is vast, inter-connected, slightly confusing and really just overall fascinating.

The methodology for the chart in the graphic below goes something like this. We took “The Big 4” aka Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Madonna (together they account for 30% of the winners and 26% of all nominated videos), and connected them to all of the choreographers that they worked with that have multiple nominations, or some form of connection in to other artists nominated in the choreography category. The chart is admittedly not a perfect science (original drafts of the tangled web would give someone with OCD nightmares), there are some choreographers and even ancillary artists who could possibly have made the cut. Well renowned choreographers like Michael Rooney – who is the second most winning choreographer ever (5 wins, 6 nominations), Hip Hop specialist Fatima Robinson (8 nominations, 1 win), ) or the Susan Lucci of the category, Jamaica Craft (7 nominations and zero wins) all missed the cut due to their lack of interconnectivity as far as this chart was concerned. But overall we feel like a strong picture was painted. We hope you enjoy, let us know what stood out to you via the Rukkus Facebook & Twitter pages.

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