NBA Season Predictions

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It is possible that the 2016-2017 NBA season could be one of the most predictable NBA seasons in the league’s history. Not since the 80s when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were headlining the NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have the Finals been so foreseeable. Yes Michael Jordan’s Bulls and the Lakers under Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant/Shaquille O’Neal were obvious preseason Finals picks in their heyday, but their opponents were never easy to predict.
That is not the story this season. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are primed to add the third act of their trilogy. With Kevin Durant now on board in Oakland and the Cavs running back their same team in an Eastern Conference where they face now true challenge, the entire season leading up to the Finals feels like one giant appetizer. PSA: be sure to get your Thunder tickets when Durant comes back to the Chesapeake Energy Arena for the first time. I’m sure the lovely people of Oklahama will welcome back KD with open and loving arms. 
It is still fun to predict how the rest of the season with play out. There are 30 teams with 30 different storylines and hundreds of players to watch and root for or against. Here are our predictions for the 2016-2017 NBA Season:
Eastern Conference Standings

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Boston Celtics
  3. Toronto Raptors
  4. Indiana Pacers
  5. Washington Wizards
  6. Milwaukee Bucks
  7. New York Knicks
  8. Detroit Pistons
  9. Atlanta Hawks
  10. Chicago Bulls
  11. Charlotte Hornets
  12. Orlando Magic
  13. Miami Heat
  14. Brooklyn Nets
  15. Philadelphia 76ers

Western Conference Standings

  1. Golden State Warriors
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. Los Angeles Clippers
  4. Portland Trail Blazers
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder
  6. Memphis Grizzlies
  7. Houston Rockets
  8. Utah Jazz
  9. Phoenix Suns
  10. Denver Nuggets
  11. Dallas Mavericks
  12. New Orleans Pelicans
  13. Minnesota Timberwolves
  14. Sacramento Kings
  15. Los Angeles Lakers

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MVP Candidates
Russell Westbrook

James Harden

LeBron James

Steph Curry
Kevin Durant
Kawhi Leonard
Damian Lillard

Anthony Davis

Defensive Player Of The Year Candidates
Kawhi Leonard
Rudy Gobert
DeAndre Jordan
Russell Westbrook
Paul George
Coach Of The Year Candidates
Brad Stevens
Jason Kidd
Terry Stotts
Gregg Popovich
Billy Donovan
Rookie Of The Year Candidates

Joel Embiid

Kris Dunn

Buddy Heild

Jamal Murray

Jaylen Brown

Ben Simmons


All-NBA First Team Predictions
Russell Westbrook
Steph Curry
Damian Lillard
Kawhi Leonard
LeBron James
All-NBA Second Team

James Harden

Chris Paul
Klay Thompson
Paul George
Andre Drummond
All-NBA Third Team
John Wall

Kyrie Irving

Al Horford
Anthony Davis

DeMarcus Cousins

Eastern All Star Predictions
G: Kyrie Irving
G: John Wall
F: LeBron James
F: Paul George
F: Carmelo Anthony
Kyle Lowry
Al Horford
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Isaiah Thomas
Dwyane Wade
Andre Drummond
Kemba Walker
Kristaps Porzingis
DeMar DeRozan
Dwight Howard
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Western All Star Predictions
G: Russell Westbrook
G: Steph Curry
F: Kevin Durant
F: Kawhi Leonard
F: Anthony Davis
Damian Lillard
DeMarcus Cousins
James Harden
Chris Paul
DeAndre Jordan
Rudy Gobert
Blake Griffin
LaMarcus Aldridge
Karl-Anthony Towns
Victor Oladipo