Phase Three Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Films


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is way more than complex then just releasing a bunch of feature films withe everyone’s favorite superheroes. Marvel and Disney wanted to explore the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and create plot lines and characters that can be used in each film, all coming together to build a giant web of interconnecting movies. With many children more into Marvel than the MLB these days, Marvel has built a foundation for an endless demand of movies.  With Phase 1 and Phase 2 complete, Phase 3 is now in action. Here are a list of Marvel’s Phase Three Movies with their set or tentative release dates.

May 6, 2016 – Captain America: Civil War 
November 4, 2016 – Doctor Stange
May 5, 2017 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
July 7, 2017 – Spider-Man: Homecoming
November 3, 2017 – Thor: Ragnarok
February 16th, 2018 – Black Panther
May 4, 2018 – Avengers: Infinity War
July 6, 2018 – Ant-Man and the Wasp
March 8, 2019 – Captain Marvel
May 3, 2019 – Untitled Avengers Special

I wonder of Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans knew the money pit they were getting into when they signed up to play Iron Man and Captain America. People used to buy NFL tickets to see super humans compete, but now it seems they can see a different superhero on the movie screen almost every month. Marvel is scheduled to release 22 movies from 2008-2019, and who says they will stop at phase three.