Presidents Who Loved Sports












The President of the United States has a ton of responsibilities that I will not begin to list. On a personal note, many presidents haven’t hid their love for sports. It is easy to tell when a politician truly loves sports or if they are just pretending they do to gain political gain. Here is a list of presidents who will forever be linked to their love of sports.

Barack Obama: 

President Obama is one of the first presidents that come to mind when writing this list. Obama has shown his love for the sport of basketball, as he built a basketball court at the White House and can be seen picking his college basketball brackets every March on ESPN. When Obama joined Twitter, he followed every professional sports team in Chicago besides the Cubs, showing his loyalty to the White Sox.

Gerald Ford:

Probably our most athletic president, President Ford was an All-American center for the Michigan Wolverines on their 1933 National Championship team. Ford declined offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, saying “Pro ball did not have the allure it has now. Though my interest was piqued at the time, I didn’t lose sleep over the offers.” Ford chose to enroll in Yale University Law School instead, graduating in 1941.

Teddy Roosevelt:

Although President Roosevelt did not play college football, he had an everlasting impact on the sport. In the early 1990s, he was part of a group of people who were against the viciousness of the sport. Nearly 40 college and prep school players died from injuries in the 1904 and 1905 seasons, due to the game being played without helmets or face guards. Roosevelt brought together representatives from Princeton, Yale, and Harvard at the White House and warned them if they did not reform the game, he would outlaw the game by executive order. In response, the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the  United Staes was formed and created rules that made the game more safe and popular.

George W. Bush:

If you brought Texas Rangers tickets in the 1990s, you were a customer of future President George W. Bush. Bush invested $600,000 in a group that bought the Rangers, which turned out to be a payout of $14.9 million in 1998 when the team sold for $250 million. When Bush was the general partner of the Rangers, he assisted in the team’s media relations and construction of the new stadium. One of Bush’s most memorable moments is when he threw a perfect strike during the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium after the September 11th attacks.