Ronda Rousey Reveals She May Retire


Ronda Rousey shocked fans by announcing her upcoming fight against Amanda Nunes is likely to be one of her final fights during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres.

“This is definitely one of my last fights” Rousey told Ellen. “Everybody better watch because the show isn’t going to last forever.”

She also opened up about mental exhaustion and nerves leading up to a fight saying “I think it’s more the buildup that’s more tiring than anything else,” Rousey said. “It’s the weeks and weeks of buildup beforehand. You know you’re going to fight this one person, and it’s like your showdown, and the most important thing in your whole life, and then millions of people are watching…If it just happened right now I wouldn’t be nervous at all.”

Rousey’s next fight is her first in over a year and will take place at UFC 207 on December 30. She will meet Amanda Nunes in the octagon for the women’s bantamweight championship.