Running Safety Tips











Keeping active and staying fit in something we can all relate to. Whether it is riding a bike or going for run in the park or the streets, being safe should be everyone’s top priority. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind next time you get on your fitness grind.

Eat Properly and Stay Hydrated!!
Hydration is of course key to any physical activity. Be sure to drink to about 16 ounces of water an hour or so before you plan on running. Don’t drink too much because that will cause nature to call more often than you would like. You should also pair your water with a small, healthy snack about 15-20 minutes before you start. Some suggestions are an energy bar or a banana. Very simple and easy to grab. Don’t think you are above any athlete, as the mightiest of NFL players enjoy their fair share of bananas before kickoff.
Do Not Run Alone
It is very simple and may seem like you need an unnecessary babysitter, but it will help avoid mostly all problems if you have a running buddy. First, if you get hurt or need medical assistance, someone is right by your side. Running with someone also significantly reduces the risk of an attacker. A dog could also work, but our four-legged friends are more than likely to slow us down and distract us from our workouts.
Try Not To Run With Earphones
I know how tough this could be since working out with music in our ears makes the run go by faster and helps the adrenaline pump. I know how it feels to be in the zone and running like you have Drake tickets for his next show, but it is a safety hazard. When we go for a run, our body is focusing on our activity so much that we sometimes lose a sense of where we are. If someone is trying to get your attention to try and prevent from danger, how are you suppose to hear them? Or if someone is lurking behind you? If you absolutely need music, you should only keep on earphone in so you can be aware of your surroundings.