Russian Billionaire $450 Million Yacht Arrives


Some people like to collect coins, baseball cards, dolls, signatures, and really anything under the sun. For Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, his hobby is collecting yachts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Melnichenko is worth around $13.4 billion.

A 468-foot long vessel was spotted in the Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany owned by Melnichenko. The vessel includes three 300-foot masts that are bigger than the Big Ben Tower in London. It has been named the “Sailing Yacht” by Melnichenko and costs $450 million.

The yacht features eight floors, a helicopter pad, an underwater observation room, a high-tech digital control system used by a black touch screen with the ability to control the sails and anchors with a stroke of a finger.

A spokesperson for Melnichenko has said, “The project was a considerable financial risk for him as he had to fund massive R&D to see if he could achieve his vision. But he is a man to always push the boundaries and to challenge the industries he works with to think out of the box so he can achieve something new and exciting as well as beautiful.”