Sports Performance Shirt About To Hit The Market












Every single industry is always adapting to new technology. It is how we evolve as humans and better our lives. Even though it will never compare to advances in technology in fields such as medical, communications, finance, construction, and manufacturing, sports is still a beneficiary of modern technology.

Professional coaching staffs have been able track performances in real time through the season due to the technology the Team Pro Shirt from Polar offers. By implementing a heart rate monitor, and GPS tracker into a shirt, this technology tracks each player’s effort, speed, recovery, and more.

The Team Pro Shirt is a sleeveless shirt that acts as a base layer and replaces the need for a chest strap monitor that was featured in similar technology in the past. The fabric features two, thin, unobtrusive heart rate capture points for real-time data and a small sensor in the back collar that provides motion tracking. Coaches collect this data that provide an athlete’s speed, distance, and acceleration. Data is then directly transferred to the Polar Team Pro app on the coach’s iPad.

The Atlanta Falcons are one of the NFL teams that are already using this technology. Head strength and conditioning coach for the Falcons AJ Neibel is an advocate, saying “Polar’s system is used every time our players train during structured offseason workouts and practices throughout the year. Analysis of the data collected allows us to assess conditioning levels, properly prescribe offseason training volume, establish valid return-to-play conditioning parameters, and effectively monitor workloads during training camp.”

You do not have to buy Falcons tickets to witness the production value this technology brings. The Polar Team Pro Shirt will be available to purchase in March from sizes small to extra large, with additional sizes coming in May.