The Greatest Golfers Of All-Time


Golf is one of the most unique sports in the world. It is one of the only true solo sports and one that takes extreme skill, work ethic, and concentration. The best professional golfers have been some of the most popular figures in American sports throughout the decades. To be a popular golfer, you have to have extreme skill, charisma, and likability. Here are some of the greatest golfers of all-time.

Tiger Woods

The trajectory of Tiger’s career is both an amazing and frustrating one. Tiger came on the scene in 1997 when he won the Masters, his first major championship. Tiger would go on an incredible run from 1997-2008, winning 14 major championships, just four behind Jack Nicklaus record of 18, including six from 2000-2002. He is the only player to win four consecutive majors, making him one of the most prominent athletes in the world at his peak. The downfall of Tiger is well documented and it is clear he has never been the same. One of the greatest “what ifs” of all-time will be what would be Tiger’s final major championship number.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack is one of the most accomplished golfers in history, with his record 18 major championships, along with 37 top two finishes. Jack won the Masters a record six times, making him the main attraction for Masters tickets. Jack posted the lowest average on the Tour eight times and was one of the greatest competitors the sport has ever seen.

Arnold Palmer

Palmer is the man who brought golf to the mainstream, as his marketability made him one of the most popular sports figures in the country. Palmer is known for his pretty swing, his seven major championships, and being one of the first athletes to bring sports marketing to the forefront.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan, aka “The Hawk,” is known for being one of the greatest shotmakers of all-time. Hoagn. Ben Hogan’s book, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Fundamental of Golf , has become a bible for people getting into golf, as it teaches you the essentials of perfecting your swing. Hogan is one of the smartest golfers of all-time, as he is one of only five players to win all of the Grand Slam events and became the first golfer to win three majors in one year. Hogan will go down in history as one of golf’s greatest players, instructors, and ambassadors.