Three Car Trends To Anticipate In 2017


I know exactly what you are thinking and no, the flying cars aren’t here yet. Despite another year of our dreams of flying automobiles, there is still some pretty cool things that are developing in the auto industry. Here are three trends to look out for in 2017 regarding the future of car technology.

Cloud Driving

This is essentially the same process your smartphones, with instead of updating software on your device, the software in your car updates. It is anticipated that new car models will feature dashboards that can easily be updated and work with the specific driver. If you share a car with a spouse or a family member, when you use your own personal key, the custom set of preferences and apps will automatically be in effect as soon as you start your car.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

The new Cadillac CTS will feature a software system that allows other CTS car on the road to share information about driving conditions such as weather, speed, sudden breaking, and accidents. This technology is similar to wi-fi, which is being called V2V for short, could be standard is all cars coming out.

Electric Cars Are Only Improving

An electric-only car was named the 2017 Detroit Auto Show’s North American Car of the Year for the first time when the Chevrolet Bolt EV earned the honor. A Chinese-backed startup based in California claims they now have a driving range of 378 miles on full charge. ChargePoint is a company that runs a network of electric charging stations. Their CEO Pasquale Romano has said, “What you’re finally getting to is a point where you’ll make multiple options by the end of the year on a midrange price, 200-mile plus EV. That’s pretty groundbreaking.”