Two Steelers Take A Ride In A Driverless Uber








To play in the NFL, you must possess a whole lot of bravery and courage. These men do extraordinary feats every week to push their bodies to the limits. Two members of the Pittsburgh Steelers showed those same attributes, but this time no where near a football field.

Very little people play football, but mostly everyone has gotten into an Uber. The two worlds collided when Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt showed bravery by stepping into and riding in a driverless Uber. Yes, a car drove through the highways, bridges, and streets of the Steell City without a human controlling it.
The car has a sonar radar spinning nonstop on top of the car so the technology can detect any other vehicle or obstruction in its path. The uber in the video actually was able to easily avoid a bicycle rider. A driver was still in the driver’s set to oversee everything and to take control if need be. The two Steelers teammates asked the same questions we would all ask if we were in one of these cars. How does it work? How does it know if a car is coming its way? Basically asking how the technology works, since it is pretty mindblowing.
It will be very interesting to see how fast this technology develops. It obviously has its major safety hazards, as well as just killing these Uber drivers’ careers. We are many years from this possibly entering every day life, but the technology is now out there. Whether you are picking up groceries, going to a movie, picking up Steelers tickets, going to the doctor, or just need a ride home after a night out, there is a chance sometime in the future you can get picked up by a car with no human driving it.