2014 For Joe Flacco, Is That Enough

Criticism of Joe Flacco is never hard to come by. His work should speak for itself, yet people never seem to be satisfied with his play.  Maybe it’s because he lacks the flash of say an Aaron Rodgers, or the big market exposure of Eli Manning, but all this guy does is win.

With the 2015 nearly upon us we wanted to take a quick look at whether or not Joe Flacco’s last season was his best

In 2014 Flacco threw for nearly four thousands yards (3,986), 27 touchdowns versus only 12 interceptions.
How does that stack up compared to his “elite” peers ?

Peyton Manning- 4,727 Yds, 39 TD, 15 int
Tom Brady – 4,109, 33 TD, 9 int
Aaron Rodgers – 4,381, 38 TD, 5 int


Ok so maybe on paper he is just not quite there, but as we know, the game is not played on paper.  When you watch Flacco, how does he look? To us he looks like a top QB, the question is..

What do you think?

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 7.13.40 PM

Source pro-football-reference.com