Washington Wizards Begin Playoff Run

The Wizards Push To Make The Playoffs

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have just started their playoff run. John Wall will be leading at the point guard position sharing time with Bradley Beal and Paul Pierce. John is averaging 17 ppg while dishing out an impressive 10 assists per game. Wall’s performance alone is enough of a reason to plan now and purchase your tickets before they are all booked up. Not only will you see an impressive run by Wall, you will also get to see him share playing time with Paul Pierce. Paul is averaging a playing time of almost 27 minutes per game. This is enough time to reach an impressive 12.7 ppg. Bradley Beal will also give you an average playing time of a little over 32 minutes where he is averaging a whopping 14.7 ppg.

On the defensive side of the ball you will see rebound leader Marcin Gortat bring his average of 8.7 rebounds per game to the boards to help keep the ball in the control of the Wizards Guards. Your ticket purchase will also enable you to see an impressive defensive performance by Kris Humphries. Kris is averaging almost 7 rebounds per game while putting up an 8.1 ppg average for the Wizards. Your chance of seeing your share of blocked shots is always there when these two are present. The Wizards have the pieces to continue an impressive home record to help them to the playoffs. The question that may still remain is how deep into the playoffs will these pieces take them. Be sure to keep an eye on the Wizards to see if there will be any changes at all to help them continue their run. Also keep an eye on Bradley Beal to see if he will fully recover from his injuries.

Be sure to make your plans now and check the Wizards’ schedule to see them live and in action. There are some really great games that are coming up in this upcoming playoff push for Washington. Visit Rukkus to get your tickets now!

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