What To Watch Out For: Wallpaper-Thin TVs


The evolution of television is always a great indicator on where we stand with technology. TV has come a long way the last few years. It only feels like it was yesterday when just the size of a television would fascinate us. Quickly after that, the quality of the definition TVs were projecting became mesmerizing, as we are now “4K” definition is a visual masterpiece. Actions movies give the visual affect that an explosion is going off in your living room, you can pick the dirt off the screen during MLB games, and

From LED, to smart, curve, and 3D televisions, the industry is always pushing the limits on its technology. Electronic titan LG unveiled a brand new television they has been coined “wallpaper TV,” where the screen of the television is 1/10th of an inch thick. The television essentially blends in with the wall, avoiding any bulky brackets and giving an incredible visual into any room.

Phil Hinton of AVForums.com predicts a future where we can possibly by rolling these magnificent televisions down from our ceilings. LG has not announced any sort of pricing. With the increasing prices of NFL tickets, why would anyone want to go to a cold football stadium when they can have amazing television screen basically embedded into their wall. Wallpaper-thin TVS represent a bright and intriguing future for the television industry.