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  • Really cheap tickets

    I cannot find cheaper tickets anywhere else. Rukkus just became my #1

    - White01245
  • Prices Are Amazing

    I found cheap basketball tickets to see the Knicks at Madison Square Garden the day before the game. Surprised at how deeply the tickets were discounted, prices are amazing. Customer service was excellent as well, huge fan of Carolina.

    - Ian Arnold
  • Great App Just Keeps Getting Better

    This great app just keeps getting better! I'll never look for tickets elsewhere as Rukkus proves time and time again they are the easiest and cheapest way to see my favorite events. Keep it going guys, can't wait to see what's next!

    - Keith Desimone
  • My Go To Site

    This is my go to site to find my families outings and purchase tickets. No need to try and compare prices on multiple sites when they do it for you!

    - Hilary Decker
  • Cheaper Than StubHub

    I was able to find Taylor Swift tickets for $50, which is cheaper than on StubHub. Upon further investigation, I realized that pretty much all their tickets are cheaper (or at least the same price)

    - Sue Parke
  • Proper Recommendations

    The app scanned my music and found gigs near me that I had no idea were on. Also suggested a band I didn't know that I now love!!

    - AWillcox
  • Awesome

    Was in the market for Lakers tickets and was drawn by the fact that rukkus has no service fees. Ended up making a mistake and needed some help from customer service. Their rep Carolina emailed back and forth with me and was able to clear everything up for me. She even called to confirm everything worked out to my satisfaction. Would definitely recommend for anyone's ticket purchasing needs. Thanks again Carolina!

    - Etsuk001