What's all the Rukkus about..?

Rukkus: Tickets to Every Event

Rukkus accesses tickets from the largest ticketing vendors. With the widest selection of tickets, you’ll always find the best deals and cheapest tickets available on the web.

Cool Features on Rukkus


Rukkus Recommends…

Track your favorites, remove acts you hate. The more you tell us, the better your recommendations get. See a calendar of upcoming events that we think will be right up your alley in the “For You” Section of the Rukkus App. to start personalizing your event discovery experience.
Never Overpay

Deal Finder

We’ll show you every ticket out there, but we’ll make sure you can easily spot the best deals. How? Let’s say you want to sit in Section 101. There are 30 tickets available in Section 101, all priced differently because they’re coming from different sellers. We’ll be sure to highlight the closest tickets at the lowest prices. No more sifting through lists.
Seating Charts

See Your Seat and Your View

How do you decide if that ticket in a closer section is worth the extra $20 bucks? Seat Views show you exactly what you’re paying for before you buy your tickets. Oh and our interactive seating charts make the process of narrowing down your search a breeze.
Ticket Sourcing

Where does Rukkus get its tickets?

Rukkus accesses tickets from its many vendor partners. Our partners are both large and small, but always reliable with their inventory. Rukkus does not own the tickets sold on the website, so while we can offer discounts, the base price of the ticket is set by that ticket’s seller.

Use Rukkus with Absolute Confidence

Rukkus sources tickets from all over the web to bring you a wide selection of tickets to all major live events. We are highly selective about the ticket suppliers we work with so you can rest assured that your tickets will always be authentic.

Because we handle all order fulfillment ourselves, we guarantee that all tickets will be delivered before your event or your money back.
For more information, see the Rukkus Buyer Guarantee.
Get Tickets Immediately

Most e-tickets are available instantly

If tickets are listed as e-tickets, they will often be available right away. E-tickets will be delivered to your inbox as PDFs. Physical tickets will be shipped and are guaranteed to arrive in time for the event. If the event is happening less that 72 hours from the time you purchase your tickets, you can be sure you will either get your e-tickets right away or the tickets will be available for local pickup at a convenient location near the venue.