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Top 3 Ben Harper Tracks:

Diamonds On the Inside
Amen Omen
Morning Yearning

Ben Harper Albums

White Lies for Dark Times
  • Number With No Name
  • Up to You Now
  • Shimmer & Shine
  • Lay There & Hate Me
  • Why Must You Always Dress In Black
  • Skin Thin
  • Fly One Time
  • Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)
  • Boots Like These
  • The Word Suicide
  • Faithfully Remain
Give Till It's Gone
  • Don't Give Up on Me Now
  • I Will Not Be Broken
  • Rock N' Roll Is Free
  • Feel Love
  • Clearly Severely
  • Spilling Faith
  • Get There from Here
  • Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn
  • Waiting On a Sign
  • Dirty Little Lover
  • Do It for You, Do It for Us
Get Up!
  • Don't Look Twice
  • I'm In, I'm Out, I'm Gone
  • We Can't End This Way
  • I Don't Believe a Word You Say
  • You Found Another Lover (I Lost Another Friend)
  • I Ride at Dawn
  • Blood Side Out
  • Get Up!
  • She Got Kick
  • All That Matters Now
Childhood Home
  • A House is a Home
  • City of Dreams
  • Born to Love You
  • Heavyhearted World
  • Farmer's Daughter
  • Memories of Gold
  • Altar of Love
  • Break Your Heart
  • Learn it All Again Tomorrow
  • How Could We Not Believe

Ben Harper Members

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High: $260.00

Cheap Ben Harper Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$15.00 Ben Harper — 06/09/2015
Cains Ballroom; Tulsa, OK
$15.00 Ben Harper — 06/11/2015
The Pageant; St Louis, MO
$23.00 Ben Harper — 07/12/2016
Artpark Outdoor Amphiteater; Lewiston, NY
$24.00 Ben Harper — 09/19/2015
Santa Barbara Bowl; Santa Barbara, CA
$26.00 Ben Harper — 07/30/2015
Wolf Trap; Vienna, VA
$27.00 Ben Harper — 09/18/2015
Greek Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$32.00 Ben Harper — 04/07/2016
Beacon Theatre; New York, NY
$33.00 Ben Harper — 04/19/2016
Tivoli Theatre; Chattanooga, TN
$33.00 Ben Harper — 06/13/2015
The Lawn at White River; Indianapolis, IN
$33.00 Ben Harper — 08/19/2016
Hollywood Bowl; Hollywood, CA

Best and Most Expensive Ben Harper Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$495.00Ben Harper — 04/10/2016
The Fillmore Philadelphia; Philadelphia, PA
$260.00Ben Harper — 08/22/2017
Freeman Stage at Bayside; Selbyville, DE
$201.00Ben Harper — 03/27/2015
The Independent; San Francisco, CA
$191.00Ben Harper — 07/07/2017
Petrillo Band Shell; Chicago, IL
$157.00Ben Harper — 04/23/2016
The Orange Peel; Asheville, NC
$139.00Bumbershoot Festival — 09/07/2015
Seattle Center Grounds; Seattle, WA
$130.95Ben Harper — 08/25/2017
State Theatre-NJ; New Brunswick, NJ
$128.00Ben Harper — 07/13/2016
Frederik Meijer Gardens; Grand Rapids, MI
$126.00Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals — 03/27/2015
Fillmore SF; San Francisco, CA
$122.00Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals — 03/28/2015
Fillmore SF; San Francisco, CA