10 Most Exciting Fans To Watch The Game With

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After a good game, we never fail to praise our favorite athletes for their hard work, but what we sometimes forget to do is pat ourselves on the back for being such loyal fans.  This list goes out to all of the dedicated fans out there who stick by their team regardless of  the score.  Cheers!

10. Boston Red Sox Fans

Good times never feel so good when you go to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. Red Sox fans are notoriously faithful to their team and we bet most of them can tell us their teams lineup in their sleep. To date, the Sox hold eight world series titles. After the Red Sox broke the curse of the “Great Bambino”, Red Sox fans were rewarded for their loyalty with three World Series titles (they stuck by their teams side for 86 years!!). The fans are so dedicated that there was even a movie made about them (Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon). Even though we aren’t Red Sox fans ourselves, we show some serious respect for the bunch!

9. Ottawa Senators Fans

Canadians are passionate about two things: their Tim Horton’s and their hockey. Senators fans have proven themselves to be die-hard fans, frequently travelling to America to stand by captain Erik Karlsson and watch their team play. The Senator’s are proud to call the Canadian Tire Centre their home, which boasts around 20,000 seats, but still manages to sell out on the reg.

8. New York Mets Fans


Mets fans have a reputation for making Citi Field a spirited and family friendly environment. These loyal fans have stuck by the Mets (and mascot Mr. Met) through thick and thin, but when Citi Field’s Home Run Apple rises from center field, you can expect the crowd to go wild. Mets fans never fail to mention their 1986 World Series win—one of the most exciting series in baseball history, notably, during Game Six where the Mets were able to tie the series after the ball went through Boston’s first baseman’s legs.

7. Dallas Stars Fans

When the Stars are in town, we love seeing them play. Their loyal fans that follow the team from city to city are always an entertaining and rowdy bunch that make every NHL game more enjoyable. Regardless of whether the Stars are winning or losing, their fans always stay by their teams side cheering from the sidelines with the Star’s beautiful Ice Girls.

6. Miami Heat Fans

Heat fans are a loyal bunch. Fans have stuck by the Heat’s side through Shaq, Lebron, and most recently, Dwyane Wade. No matter who’s on their roster, Heat fans remain a die-hard bunch and have been lucratively rewarded for their allegiance—Miami has won back to back championships in 2012 & 2013. This season, however, has not been as easy for them, but fans are crossing their fingers that their team makes it to the playoffs. Although this season has not been the best for the Heat so far, we respect Heat fans for their allegiance, which is why they deserve to be on this list.

5. Arizona Coyotes Fans


NHL team, the Arizona Coyotes, has a die hard fanbase that will not hesitate to abandon their toasty desert for a brisk Coyotes game at the Gila River Arena. Coyotes fans from across Arizona flock to Glendale to see their team dominate. Their mascot, Howler, is a revered icon across Arizona and is super popular with the kids!

4. Green Bay Packers Fans

There’s no surprise that Packers fans are some of the best people to watch the game with. Cheeseheads have a reputation for throwing the best tailgates in America. It’s pretty easy to spot a devoted Packer’s fan—usually they’re the ones with the giant pieces of Cheese on their head and their green and yellow jerseys. Past the camaraderie, however, the Green and Gold have done some serious damage, winning four Super Bowls to date. You can bet that any on any given Monday Night, Cheeseheads are huddled around the TV rooting for their team!

3. New York Ranger Fans

If you’re a New Yorker AND a Rangers fan, you are one intense person. The Rangers are loved for their extremely hard work ethic—and we respect Ranger fans for appreciating that. Fans also relish goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who worked miracles during the 2014 Stanley Cup. Also, the ladies love him. On any given Ranger game day, Facebook is flooded with LGR statuses and New York City is one giant blob of royal blue. Not to mention, the Ranger/Islander rivalry is insane. New Yorkers live for Ranger/Islander games, and to say they are a good time would be saying the least.

2. Memphis Grizzlies Fans

The Memphis Grizzlies are rightfully named—Grizzly fans are fierce. These Tennesseans have stuck by their team through good and bad, but no matter what, they can be seen courtside repping blue and yellow. This season, the Grizzlies have been dominating the Western Conference. The FedEx Forum (and the bars around it) are always popping with fans rooting for all-star Marc Gasol and the rest of the team.

1. WWE Fans

wwe fans royal rumble us airways center phoenix

You better brace yourself if you’re going to a bar to watch SmackDown or Monday night Raw, because things can get pretty heated. WWE fans are fiercely loyal to their wrestlers (get ‘em Cena) and a televised PPV match can quickly materialize into an in-person rumble if two longtime rivals are fighting. Wrestlemania, the superbowl of wrestling, is an all out brawl where the only thing that rivals the insanity inside the ring is the ruckus going on between fans in their own living rooms and bars. When WWE fans dress up, they do not play around. A WWE arena is filled with grown men dressed up and decked out in all the latest gear, chanting something borderline offensive. This is dedication at its finest, which is why WWE fans have made it to the top of our list.

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