The 1975 Build on ‘Overnight Success’ in Philadelphia

The 1975 concert review

Concert Review: The 1975 at Union Transfer in Philly. Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

The 1975 Channel the ‘British Invasion’ at Union Transfer

Manchester’s finest lads, The 1975, took over Union Transfer in Philadelphia on Saturday night, swooning the hearts of many young ladies. Hours before the show was even slated to begin, fans were lined up well around the venue. Currently on tour in support of their self-titled debut album, The 1975 channeled the “British Invasion” of the 60s in front of scores of screaming fans.

Before the guys even took the stage, the crowd was loud with anticipation. Fans screamed so loud as they finally arrived that I wondered if I’d even hear the band play in the sold out venue. Luckily, I could – however, at times it felt I was at a metal show with constant pushing and shoving. True to their aesthetic, the guys were dressed in black and the lights were dim, minus their well-known white rectangle planted behind the stage.

The 1975 Union Transfer

Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

The band transitioned songs perfectly together, keeping the crowd excited and singing along throughout the night. Playing such hits as “The City,” “Sex,” and “Chocolate,” The 1975 kept the crowd fully entranced. Lead singer, Matthew Healy, repeatedly walked up to the edge of the stage and girls pushed their way up front to touch whatever they could get a hand on. I lost count how many times I heard someone say “OMG I touched him!” or “I’m never washing my hand again!”

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Towards the end of their set, Healy politely asked the crowd to put their phones away, wanting the “moment to be intimate” (concert etiquette, anyone?). I think that only lasted a few seconds, as girls quickly resumed snapping pictures and recording Healy throw around that hair they all love.

The 1975

Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

The 1975 is often called an “overnight success,” but at the rate they’re going it’s safe to say they will become a house-hold name, selling out more screaming-girl-filled venues. We’ll see the next time they’re back in town, which Healy promised would be soon.

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Article by Erika Reinsel

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